Thursday, April 14, 2016

Liberate Your Art! 2016

Organized by Kat Sloma

Sometime before March 12

I signed up for Kat Sloma's annual Liberate Your Art postcard swap for the first time this year! Details on how it works can be found at her web site (click here to read), so I won't repeat them. Once I understood how it worked and picked out some art to be liberated in the form of post cards, I mailed 5 postcards, 6 stamps, and 6 mail-back address labels to Kat. I forgot to take a picture of what was being sent! I do have a shot of the back of my happy mail envelope…

March 17

First of six art postcards arrived today! From Christine Barker, Calgary, AB, Canada. Her web site is
Christine included a quote from Kat Sloma on the back, “I find pieces of the world and make art. Part of her description of the work got covered up by the label, but I could make out enough to see that she uses painted fabric and prints on silk.

March 21

Mary Clemons' "The Voodoo King" made from recycled materials, arrived from Huntsville, Alabama today. Later I found out that the doll, which started as a wooden spoon, can be taken out of the clock case and played with or used as a puppet. I set it up for a spring photo op with my love frogs but had to fight a slight breeze.

March 24

Side swap received from Sonya Versluys in Silverado, California. Her web site is On the back of her card is the message “Your creative voice is stronger, louder, and more powerful than any other voice. Use it!”

Also, Side swap received from Patricia Mark in Oregon.

March 25

Side swap photo of sunset with added texture layers arrived today from Lisa Comperry in Texas!
I wanted to take a picture of it with my Tennessee sunset as a backdrop but it's almost completely overcast here today so I didn't wait. There must have been some sunshine peeking through, because I got a lot of shadows from the blossoms of the tree.
Lisa says this shot was taken at a favorite park close to home, at sunset. She added some texture layers to the original photo.
The sun came out a while later, so I took another photo of the card!

Side swap "Lost" from Dave Wolanski in Delaware also arrived today! I took a picture from one of my "getting lost" places, my back deck! It was windy, as you may be able to tell by the wind chimes, so I had to keep a good grip on the card! Dave has added me to his postcard subscription list, so I will be receiving ongoing random photo postcards from him. Fun!

And to top it all off, I received my third official LYA16 post card today! This is from Tabitha, who has combined her likes for the macabre and the cute into "Zombunnies" using ink on paper. Interestingly, the postal service seems to have scratched through one eye of each bunny.
I decided to set up my photo of the card with my dog's cute-macabre raggedy toys. Buddy just had to get in the picture too, he's such a ham!
Tabitha is about to launch her artist site at  I'll be looking forward to it!

March 28

While waiting for the weekend to pass and more postcards to arrive, I was doing a bit of dabbling in paints. This doesn’t have anything to do with the swap, other than to show one of the things I love to do while I wait.
Umm... That was supposed to go on the page...

And then…
I think this is my 4th official LYA card, losing track between these and side swaps lol! This is from Tracy Scott in California... Quote on the back, "Art is the only way to run away without leaving home." - T. Tharp. Love it! Since the piece has a lot of text showing a subject of "Textual Criticism" I snapped the photo with the Murfreesboro pages of the "Busy Bee Trader" subtitled "destination guide to antiques, uniques, & southern lifestyle."
Oh look, I set it on top of the art journal pages that I had been working on all weekend!
Sherry Harmes said the card and setting were “textacular!” Everyone loved that!

March 29

One of my art postcards in the Liberate Your Art postcard swap has finally landed! It turned up in Detroit and was shared by Colleen Lough. We're 4 swaps into the fun and this is the first one of mine that has shown up. I have 4 more out there somewhere and they are all different.
I had a friend provide colors (red and blue) and subject matter (lifeblood and sky) for this abstract.
Larger photo of the piece:

Another one of my cards landed, this one in Corvallis, Oregon. Bill sent me an email to let me know, including a shot of my card. Not sure what he used for the background, maybe a kitchen counter? All of my cards are different, and I can't remember what I sent, so it's doubly exciting seeing them show up elsewhere!
I painted this 16x20 canvas when I was a bit angry, something that doesn't happen often now that I'm retired from corporate life lol! After covering up a false start, all paint was applied with old plastic cards and bubble wrap. I felt much better when I was done :-)
The lighting for this snapshot doesn’t pick up all the (angry!) colors, so here’s one of my photos of the piece. Hmm, which of these is upside down? One of the issues I have with my photo printer, it likes to cut off my signature if the picture is not 4:6 aspect. I probably turned it upside down myself before sticking on the postcard backing haha! I found a fix for that, I’ve ordered paper for my Canon Selphy printer that already has the postcard backing printed on it! Next time around I will be ready!
Sherry's side swap has arrived from Alaska! I love the back almost as much as the front, with its weather conditions including seas! That's something we don't think about here but I'm sure it's critical to everyday life where she is. Hugs back Sherry!
Sherry commented on the Facebook post, “On a day like this one, we stay on the shore and don't venture out in the boat. Sometimes we get winds to 60-75K and 25 ft seas. Then we stay inside. LOL Hugs from Alaska.”

March 31

Ma Forgette from FRANCE(!) near the Alps posted this:
3 postcards were waiting for me in my mailbox! 2 are from the regular swap and one is a side swap.... Here the 1st: an abstract piece from PJ Lawrence, and it came from Tennessee...
Can you believe it! This yard looks pretty much like mine, with the yellow wildflowers popping up randomly all over the place, and it’s on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean from here!

This is #3 of 5 of the cards I sent. I’m STILL waiting for 2 more to show up, and I am not 100% certain which pieces of art they are!
Sherry Harmes requested this card for her side swap, but since I already had a different one addressed and ready to go I added a second swap for her!

April 1

Lovely flowers arrived in Murfreesboro, Tennessee today from Corvallis, Oregon! From Marcella Henkels,  This is the 5th arrival from the regular swap, so all I have remaining are Kat's and a few side swaps. I took 15 side swaps to the post office but they won't go out until tomorrow because I arrived after closing. I didn't realize how many of those I signed up for!
On the back of the card:
“Agapetes Blooms”
“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment. I want to give the world to someone else.” – Georgia O’Keefe.
I also got another card from Dave Wolanski on this day; this one is a bridge in Vicksburg, Mississippi, from one of his trips. I haven’t snapped a photo of it yet, because I want to set it up with an interesting bridge in Tennessee.

April 2

I sent out 14 side swaps today! Each person will receive a variation of one of the following 5x7 paintings I did recently – several colors of spray paint through a stencil found among my grandmother’s possessions, laid down in various positions on black canvas. I still haven’t decided which end is up on any of these, so there’s no telling which way each postcard was turned when I stuck on the postcard backing!

April 3

I received Sea Dean's side swap yesterday! From British Columbia to Tennessee! My dog Buddy was at the sitter so I waited until he came home today to get this shot.

April 4

I received Kat’s card to finalize the official portion of the Liberate Your Art 2016 swap. If you look closely enough at the photo you might see the little visitor that was crawling around! (near the top of my photo, on one of the branches.)

April 5

Today I received two side swaps!
Here's a shot of Lynne Foerster's card reminding me to sing my own song and live a fulfilled, creative life. I thought my music corner was a perfect place for it :-)

Charlotte Prado's sign along with a bookmark and coloring card. The envelope is wonderful too!

Lisa Comperry from Texas posted this side swap that she received from me.
This postcard from Patricia Lawrence of Murfreesboro TN landed in my mailbox today..Small world, as I have family in Murfreesboro! The image on the postcard is a spray painting on black canvas..Beautiful pastel colors and texture! Patricia created this piece using her grandmother's stencil”
Lynne Foerster also received one of my side swaps today and said, “Thank you, Patricia Lawrence, for this beautiful side swap in my FAVORITE CoLors! She says this is spray paint through grandmother's stencil on black canvas. So lovely. This side swapping can just go on forever, IMO.”
Kat Van Rooyen commented on Lynne’s that she received it too, “i also received this beauty in the mail! Thank you, Patricia Lawrence!”
It looks like the post office doesn’t like the thickness of my cards (photo paper + postcard backing) as my pictures appear to have gashes in them by the time they arrive at the other end. I’m hoping the new photo paper I ordered with the postcard backing printed on it will fare better!

And finally, today I sent out 4 more side swaps of my own.

April 6

Amy Irwen received my side swap in Minnesota today. Check it out…
LOL the postman certainly does not like my stick-on postcard backs that I used on photos I printed at home. Looks like someone took a bite out of this card! I think maybe the standard Canon Selphy photo paper might have been thick enough without the backing. I just ordered some actual postcard photo print paper made by Canon for my next round of swaps and for vacation post cards. Yes, I take my photo printer on vacation with me :-)

April 7

Pat Mark received my side swap in Oregon today, and I love how she staged it with a piece of her artwork that uses the same colors!

I received two side swaps today! Since the weather was quite stormy today, I staged the photos with some of my art.
The first is from Janice Darby in California.
The second is from Kat van Rooyen in Virginia. Her web site is Someday I would love to take one of her Zentangle workshops, Virginia is not that far away! Interesting, this card was postmarked Charleston, WV. I know some people very close to there!

April 8

Charlotte Collins Prado received my side swap today in Maryland and staged it with some beautiful fabric.

I received this side swap from Snap Lane in Texas! I didn’t take a photo on the day it arrived, but the following day I went out my front door to mail a couple of other side swaps and realized my revitalized old iron table would be a great backdrop for her Yixing teapot. If the winds didn't feel so frosty here, I'd even be tempted to have a cup of tea on the front porch!
Snap received mine today too! Sheila Delgado commented “This looks different each time I see it posted. Very interesting how seems to change…” so I had to let her know that I’ve been playing with photos of 2 different canvases and turning them upside down sometimes because I can’t seem to decide which way they go.

April 9

I mailed out two more side swaps this morning.

Some lovely chrome flowers from Jill in Pennsylvania have joined the early blooms trying to take over my front steps this afternoon.

April 11

I received 3 side swaps today but haven’t taken pictures of them yet:
Terry Owenby, Oregon
“Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul – and you answer.” – Terri Guillemets
Lynn Radford, Pennsylvania
Front: “The Soul becomes dyed with the COLOR of its thoughts.” – Marcus Aurelius
Siobhan Wolf, Ohio
I also got a few more side swaps ready, plus a thank-you to Kat.


I still have a few side swaps on their way to me, more of mine to hear from, and I haven’t heard from my last 2 regular swaps. I *think* these are the paintings that I sent out for those:
Maybe they will show up in the blog hop… I hope so! I really would like to know where they went!
In the meantime, once you've finished reading my post, check out the rest of the Liberate Your Art 2016 blog hop! And watch the video on Kat's page - one of my pieces of art appears right at the 2-minute mark!