Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sketchbook Finished!!!: 1703 Miles and Back

I entitled this sketchbook "Road Trip" and used the theme provided for the tour, 1703 Miles and Back. Since the tour's theme was travel, I decided to use this sketchbook as somewhat of a travelogue as I made my way cross-country from Arizona to Tennessee, stopping to see various family members along the way. Although the rough distance from my starting point to my resting place in Tennessee is pretty close to the 1703 miles of the tour, by routing through Houston I actually hit the 1703 mile mark before I reached my brother's house in White House TN. I marked the 1703 mile page and continued on. The book ran out of pages before I ran out of adventures, though, and long before I started heading back home again. Maybe my next sketchbook will complete the road trip. Or not! Who knows? :-) Anywho, here are scans of the pages of this sketchbook. It will eventually be digitized at the Brooklyn Art Library and make its way cross-country to some places I've been before as well as some I haven't. I'll try to track its journey, and that of my first sketchbook, here.