Sunday, June 17, 2012

Assignment: Draw a Small Object

Drawing #1 “Small Object Still Life”
Materials needed: Sketchbook (Click here to buy a Moleskine, but any sketchbook will do). Pencil.
For this assignment you will find a small object, position a light source on it, and draw it. It could be a salt shaker, a little figurine, a toy car, etc. For the light source you can use a desk lamp or even some tall candles. Just make sure the light is coming strong from one direction. If light is streaming in through the window in your kitchen sit down there and draw! Give yourself 20 minutes for this drawing. Set a timer, or an alarm clock.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just trying out some other techniques with the Art Set application for iPad.

Invent With Art Set for iPad

Art Set for iPad on iTunes

My first experience with this 99-cent app. It's actually pretty easy to work with and has a wide variety of colors and tools. I can't seem to find anything related to brush width though. I was using my stylus and when making the dots it didn't seem to make a difference how hard I pressed or how long I held it down. It was not consistent by color either. Oh well, it was cheap anyway :-)

Beginning the Process - Start a Blog

Lesson 2 - Finding Inspiration and Blogging It

  • Start researching and becoming familiar with what types of art you really love and am interested in doing myself.
    • Observation - Look at things that are interesting and gain inspiration from them.
    • Invention - Try creating things on your own. Sketch daily in your sketchbook and upload the sketches to your blog.
    • Documentation - How are you developing the path to your goal? Write something about the day's observations, sketches, and something you learned.